Far too many snooker tables are being ‘lost’ as clubs remove them to try and make more profits from the space taken up by a 12ft x 6ft snooker table.  If more players start playing there is more incentive for clubs to, not only keep the tables, but to upgrade and increase the number of tables. So young and old, male and female, pick up a cue and head down to a local club. [If you don’t own a cue can borrow one at the club.] If you are a pool player you have the basics already… just step-up to the challenging and rewarding game of snooker. If you have never played before go and check out a local club as you will find a very friendly welcome and someone willing to show you the basics. The more you practice the better you will become. All clubs run a handicap system so you will always have a chance of a win. This site will be adding current places where you can play snooker (and billiards)  … starting with the Port Macquarie/Hasting area. on the mid-north coast of NSW.